Lose 16% Revenue Yearly or Start Online Tools and Hardware Store Today!

Lose 16% Revenue Yearly or Start Online Tools and Hardware Store Today!

Online Tools and Hardware Store

Lose 16% Revenue Yearly or Start Online Tools and Hardware Store Today!

From different sources over internet, It was evident that the retail e-commerce sales were over $90 billion at end of second quarter of 2016 and over $180 billion at end of second quarter of 2017. This is almost 16% of total retail sales at the end of second quarter of 2017.

In other word, online business increased by 16%. As business owner, its 16% extra opportunities or 16% business loss.

Its not very difficult to say that starting an online store is crucial for business. Looking at growth, its important to start store online now.

Why E-commerce is so important today?

E-commerce refers to buy and sell goods and services online. And it’s important because its open new opportunities, new clients, and new dimensions in existing business. Going online does not mean, leaving existing model but getting ready for new initiatives in business for great growth.

Today, business scenarios are different and adopting new initiatives are not only important but also going to be mandate in coming years. Choice is simple, weather to adopt early or be part of crowd later.

E-commerce grew as the internet became more accessible and expanded. Increase in online engagement exploded and people now, investing more time online. This is not only happening in retail but almost happening across industries.

Even looking at recent growth trend, it’s evident that online retails sales will exponentially increase over time.

Benefits of e-commerce

Out of all universal benefits like

Store open round the clock: Clients can search, select and buy at any time weather its day or night.

Wider reach across geography: With a physical store, you are limited in the area. Online platform reach new regions and open doors for new revenue stream.

Greater awareness and action media: Basic nature of digital platform is to spread the news fast and to cover larger areas. Physical store on other hand have certain limitations. So online business can support multi marketing channel to reach larger audience at shorter timeframe.

How to start E-commerce and go online?

Starting an online store with existing physical store helps satisfying the needs of a broader customer base. Providing multiple options to client to make buying decision can be best facilitation any business owner can do to their clients.

Build new E-commerce site: contact website developers and start new site.

Join local marketplace or E-commerce: Register local E-commerce and start online store within an hour.

As there is not limitation in design and pages, online store must have few features apart from general features like;

  1. Simple categories of product where products can be organized which will help buyers to reach directly to the area of interest instead of wasting time and leave the site.
  2. Account for client is not mandatory but one of the crucial decision. This facilitate single place to have all transaction details, purchases, summary etc.
  3. Support path where buyers and sellers can call or mail.
  4. Digital marketing strategies is important. Social media marketing, social media advertisement and search engine optimization are critical for online business.
  5. Suppliers store where suppliers can manage products, order, quotations etc. Place where supplier can add, remove and edit.
  6. Payment, delivery, security are critical for E-commerce and can’t be ignored
  7. And last but very important is “Start now attitude” for online store.


Shifting your business strategy to start business online will give 16% extra revenue push.


If you are interested to register for ready E-Commerce platform to sell in UAE, Please contact info@uaetradeonline.com or do call at +971 52207 6282 for further assistance. uaetradeonline.com is multi-vendor marketplace specifically for hardware, tools and equipment. Easy registration and quick online business setup is our motto.


About uaetradeonline.com

Local online store from global suppliers. Hardware, Tools and Equipment eCommerce and Marketplace in UAE.

uaetradeonline.com is easy to use and complete online marketplace. Buyers use cart and checkout option to buy directly. The payment methods Cash on Delivery or Bank Transfer which can be discussed directly with suppliers. uaetradeonline.com innovative marketplace build connection between sellers and buyers so that deal can be as transparent as possible.

We have numerous suppliers, exporters and manufacturers offerings best products in the United Arab Emirates. We understand the importance of timely deliveries and assured quality. We understand the importance of customer service as the only assurance towards repeat business. We value our relations with our Clients and our Suppliers.

Request online quotes for hardware and tools shopping in Dubai and other parts of UAE from global suppliers. Request a quote is a procurement process in which a company or individual asks vendors or suppliers to submit a quote for the bill of materials or completion of a specific task or project.

uaetradeonline.com provide option for buyers to select products and provide quantity requirement which will go to suppliers for detailed quotation. Buyers can also interact with authorized and listed suppliers for more details. uaetradeonline.com leverage buyers to expand their evaluation beyond boundaries and select best for the business. Request online quotes for hardware tools shopping in dubai and other parts of UAE.

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